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A gorgeous late 1960s cutaway from Pierre Mion for the “Deep Diver,” a ferry submarine designed by Edwin A. Link and built by Perry Submarine Builders, Riviera Beach, FL.

This 22-foot, 4-man craft was meant for work, not play–underwater construction or research.

Interestingly, Perry Submarines is still around and making submersibles, one of which is going for $695,000!

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Deep Diver Ferry Submarine Cutaway 1967

Deep Diver Ferry Submarine Cutaway 1967

Source:  Popular Mechanics July 1967

In writing about the technical/cutaway illustrators of the 20th century, I am accustomed to seeing dates of death in the 1950s and 1960s.

Some, like the great Rolf Kelp, managed to live into the 1980s.

Imagine my delight at seeing that Pierre Mion is still alive and quite kicking.

Mion’s biography indicates that his magazine work was related to the topics of “historical, oceanographic, architectural, geological, mining, forestry, environmental and transportation.”

Mion is a hands-on illustrator.  For our featured Deep Diver (1967), Mion’s bio states that he took test dives in the Bahamas to get a feel for the craft.

A graduate of Montgomery College, Rockville, MD and George Washington University, Washington, DC, Mion also produces western landscapes, waterscapes, pictures of people and animals, and a myriad of other fine artworks.

Mion now lives in Cornville, AZ.

Pierre Mion