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Stewart Rouse

Stewart Rouse

Stewart Rouse was, for a period, a staff artist at Popular Science.  The magazine bio (February 1946) described Rouse as a “lanky Lincolnesque character”  of 6″ 4.5′ who attended the Chicago Art Institute.

Handy with metalwork tools as well as pen and ink, Rouse once built his own airplane.

Rouse was an artist of breathtaking ability–one who seemed destined to draw technical illustrations with heart from the very get-go in life.

Here is one of several gorgeous woodcut-like illustrations he produced for Pop Sci that recall Albrecht Durer:

Rouse Auto Illustration

WWII Fighter Plane Cutaway Showing Gravity Suit 1945

WWII Fighter Plane Cutaway Showing Gravity Suit 1945

A cutaway within a cutaway.  Drawn by Stewart Rouse, this illustrates a generic WWII fighter plane peeled back to show the pilot within.  Then the pilot’s gravity suit itself is peeled back to reveal some of its inner workings.

Bladders within the suit were inflated with air from the craft, to minimize the chance of pilot blackouts during hard turns.

Source:  Popular Science January 1945