What's inside those mechanized fighting vehicles?
See the insides of rifles, handguns, automatic weapons, etc.

Its proper name was the Mark VII Attack Teacher and it was housed in a 3 story building in New London, CT.

In an age before computers could process graphics, vehicle and nautical simulations had to be done with models.

Trainees sat in a submarine mockup on the second floor, with a periscope jutting up into the third floor.  On that third floor was a terrazzo tile floor–each square representing 1,000 yards–with remote control wired cars made up to look like little submarines.

Operators in the control room would plot enemy courses with the aid of mainframe computers.

The model was so accurate that it even duplicated the curvature of the Earth.

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Dry Land Submarine Trainer 1950

Dry Land Submarine Trainer 1950

Represented below is a closeup of the terrazzo floor, showing that one ship (#5) is within 2,000 yards of the periscope.  Note wires extending from ships.


Submarine Trainer Simulation Floor 1950

Submarine Trainer Simulation Floor 1950

Source:  Popular Science January 1950

Fake White House in Maryland

In an April 5, 1982 TIME magazine article, it was mentioned that a fake White House and Blair House (the little auxiliary house across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House) were going to be built in Beltsville, Maryland:

Thomas Jefferson, the architect President, designed parts of the White House. Now with Ronald Reagan, the thespian President, there are plans to build a movie-set White House in the Maryland suburbs. The Secret Service plans to put up the mock White House (and a false-front Blair House, the nearby VIP guest quarters) so that its burgeoning presidential security force can properly learn the particulars of the presidential mansion. With 3,000 recruits being trained this year, maneuvers are difficult to conduct around 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Explains Special Agent Mary Ann Gordon: “It’s better if you know the lay of the land.”

The new project at the Secret Service’s training center in Beltsville, Md., may not be finished for years. Nor will a full-scale chimera come cheap. The Hollywood White House is budgeted at $381,000—just about as much as it cost to build the original 182 years ago.

Pulling up a map on Microsoft’s Bing search engine, I find this Secret Service training area–it’s very clear.  But the White House part of it is not clear.  I have to guess that the photograph at the top is of the White House, due to the general shape of the building and the circular driveway.  If so, that’s a pretty unconvincing White House.

Secret Service Training Facility, Beltsville, Maryland