Of all the types of covert construction out there, secret doors and panels are the most popular.  Ordinary homeowners can now order up hidden doors and cabinets from the Internet and have them delivered.  Better yet, have a qualified installer hang your secret door.  Normal doors are hard enough to install; secret doors are ten times harder to install!

Substantial Weight

One aspect of hidden doors to keep in mind is weight.  Remember, this is not your usual hollow-core interior slab door.  It’s not even a slab exterior door.  These secret doors are far heavier than either, and this entails special hinging.  According to Hidden Doors Direct:

Another popular but mechanically faulty method involves the use of concealed cabinet door hinges stacked closely together. We have replaced many of these ‘cabinet shop’ built units as the cabinet door hinges breakdown after moderate useage. They simply are not designed to take the vertical load incurred by a full-sized hidden door cabinet.

Hinges can make…or break (literally) your secret door.

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