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As far as I know, this one-man tank never left the mind of Les G. Scherer.

Scherer designed this personal-sized tank to weigh 7,000 pounds, pack two .30 caliber machine guns, and have 650 ports arrayed around the driver with each port containing a shotgun shell that could be electrically fired.  Main selling point of the Turtle Tank was its low center of gravity.  Like its terrapin namesake, this tank would have been difficult to turn over.

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Turtle Personal Tank 1952

Turtle Personal Tank 1952

Source:  Popular Science April 1952

A circa 1950 G.H. Davis cutway drawing of two Soviet T-34 tanks (in the rear is the bottom of the upcoming Joseph Stalin III tank).

The T-34 weighed about 34 tons, with a 500 hp diesel engine.  Max speed:  30 mph.

Source:  Popular Mechanics November 1950

Walker Bulldog T-41 Tank Cutaway, 1951

Walker Bulldog T-41 Tank Cutaway, 1951

The Walker Bulldog tank was named after General Walton Walker who served in World Wars I and II and the Korean War.  He was killed in a car accident in Korea in 1950.

The Bulldog was a fast, lightweight tank that could reach speeds of 40 mph under its 51,000 pounds of weight.  It was made at Cadillac’s tank plant near Cleveland, OH.

Source: Popular Mechanics October 1951