What's inside those mechanized fighting vehicles?
See the insides of rifles, handguns, automatic weapons, etc.
Bomb Shelters
Enjoy the nuclear winter in pure comfort.  See cutaways of bomb/fallout shelters built during the 1950s and 1960s.
Land-based transport.  From plain ordinary cars to exotic machines like the Antarctic Snow Cruiser.
Military Structures
From the famed Titan Missile Facility to radar dishes and nuclear engine testing spheres, all manner of military structures.
Commercial Buildings
Boring name but fun cutaways--hotels, banks, factories, department stores. Some by Frank Soltesz.
What's in a house?  See inside with these cutaway drawings of residences.
Right now mainly the big boys--the Grafs Zeppelin and Hindenburg.
Peel back the steel hulls of Astute-, Scorpene-, and other-class submarines and see what's inside.